Buffalo Landscaping Accountability Success & Failure

A team without an accountability system is almost destined to fail. Sometimes, though, teams will try to implement an accountability system, but that system fails. Accountability failure can be caused by a lot of things, but here are some of the most common causes:

  • The team members are left on their on with nobody to help them get started
  • The team members have unrealistic goals or do not know what to do
  • The team members failed to write down their goals and objectives before starting
  • The team members have a communication issue
  • The team members don’t have a documentation system to log what they’ve done and need to do

All of these common failures can be solved by implementing good systems.

A good example of someone who had a decent amount of failures but is still persistent is our old company in Buffalo that we worked on and built up. We ended up selling the company to a few local contractors and our old website is still up as well. We used to provide high quality landscaping in buffalo and we know the current owners are servicing customers to the highest level.